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Selected Scores

The following is a list of scores by Travis Weller. Each scores comes with a set of instructions and is printed on high quality paper directly from manuscript. Pricing is based on size of the score and amount of paper/printing required. All prices are before shipping and handling. Note: some of these scores are very large and will need to be shipped in a poster tube. I will gladly ship outside the US. Contact me for more information.

Dirt, dust, and pollen, paralleled by signal bells - US$5

Seen Through - US$20

Maritime Suite - US$10

Old River / Lost River - US$10

Upper level low - US$10

Of stresses and restraint, great arteries arising - US$5

In contrast, relative, saturated with vapor - US$5

For prepared piano, violin, and electronics - US$5

For viola, owl, and electronics - US$5

Mantle - US$150 (Four panels: total of forty feet by 36 in)

A.R.M.S. - US$50 (Triptych: Ten feet by 26 in)

Nine short pieces - US$5

The presence of any room, For the final fitting - US$5

Stable/Unstable #2 - US$10

Channelled to reflect changes, Before signal collapse - US$5

Quintet for winds - US$15

Bagatelle for solo cello - US$5

Reinforce one another, Conditions for contraction - US$35 (large poster score)

Moments thread through, In the long run - US$5

Open Music Study #4 - US$5

To move gracefully, Forward to break through - US$35 (large poster score)

Split in two, Pointing the way - US$5

Stable/Unstable #1 - US$5

Formed by three, Curved around to meet - US$5

On each side, Already balanced - US$5

Resources for self direction - inquire

Slow us down, Both ways across - US$5

Trio for strings - US$5

Trio for winds - US$5

For Andre Silva - US$5

Open Music Study #3 - US$5

Conversation piece #1 - US$10

Open Music Study #2 - US$5

B-15 - US$5

Open Music Study #1 - US$5

Logistics #2 for string quartet - US$10

Logistics #1 for string quartet - US$10

Stink Bug - US$10

String quartet for a windblown drapery - US$5

Obfuscated String Quartet - US$15

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