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Audio Samples

The following is a list of short audio excerpts of music by Travis Weller. See work page for more pieces. You will need an MP3 player to listen to these files. If you would like full recordings of any of these pieces, please contact Travis Weller.

Maritime Suite
Old River / Lost River
Upper Level Low
Of stresses and restraint, Great arteries arising
In contrast, Relative, Saturated with vapor
For viola, owl, and electronics
How to Build an Owl
Applied with simplicity, Dynamic in effect, Hit-and-run by nature
Stable/Unstable #1 for String Quartet
Nine short pieces for extended, amplified violins
Reinforce one another, Conditions for contraction
Bagatelle for solo cello
"To move gracefully, Forward to break through" for 12 piece chamber orchestra
Moments thread through, In the long run for violin, viola, piano, contrabass
Trio for winds (for bassoon, oboe, bass clarinet)
Slow us down, Both ways across
Trio for strings (for violin, viola, contrbass)

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