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Soundtrack Composition

Travis Weller has often worked closely with filmmakers and theatre directors to create soundtracks for their productions. He has also had the experience of making his own short films. Below are a few examples of such work. If you would like to contact Travis regarding a film project, please email him at

The Luminiferous Aether - 2008

Experimental Feature directed by Chris Immel

The story centers around Marie, a theoretical physicist troubled by fundamental philosophical problems she believes to lie at the foundations of modern science. She has dropped out of career and society and sequestered herself on a small French island, where her intellectual quandary evolves and threatens to consume her absolutely. We see portions of four of her days there.

The Life and times of Robert F. Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper - 2006

Experimental Short directed by Aaron Valdez

Overlayed newsreel footage of Robert Kennedy and images from the classic Hollywood western High Noon blur the line between truth and fiction.

Fall to Grace - 2005

Narritive Feature directed by Mari Marchbanks

Three individual stories intersect and collide. Fall to Grace reminds us of the invisible threads connecting us to one another.
In collaboration with Jonathan Meiburg

Laws for creation - 2005

Feature length Documentary directed by Erin Howley

This documentary explores the personal and creative lives of artists who are homeless. It follows four different artists through their daily routines and probes their ideas about poverty, life, and creation.

Mountaineer Spinning - 2004

Experimental Short directed by Ken Jacobs

The films of Ken Jacobs must be seen to be believed. They take you into a world where time and movement behave differently.
In collaboration with Rick Reed

Surrender - 2004

Experimental/Documentary short directed by Tung Wang Wu

I met Tung Wang in 2001 at the Cinematexas film festival. His films have always impressed me with their raw honesty and vivid picture of life. In his overtly political documentary, children from Taiwan talk about their views on surrendering, about being bullied by older and bigger siblings. The political parallels tiny Taiwan and its bigger neighbor are clear.

Multiple Choice for Arthropods - 2002

Experimental Short directed by Travis Weller

This experimental stop motion super-8 film screened as part of a Cinemaker festival. The soundtrack is an example of some of my early electroacoustic music.

B-15 - 2002

Theatre/Dance/Film by Travis Weller & Meghan Williams

One cold day in March of 2000, the cracks widened and a large shelf of ice separated from the coast of Antarctica. B-15, as the scientists call it, has 4,500 square miles of upper surface area and could supply the entire United States with fresh water for about 5 years. After remaining frozen since long before humans set foot in the Antarctic, this slab of ice the size of Texas, began its long journey towards the equator while slowly melting away.
In collaboration with Imbroglio String Quartet

Florophilia - 2002

Experimental Short directed by Andre Silva

This film explores the sensual nature of flowers. The soundtrack is the composition entitled "For Andre Silva" and is an open minimalist piece.
In collaboration with Imbroglio String Quartet

Harvesting Darcy - 2001

Narritive Feature directed by Thomas Griffin

Trick or Treat meets Eraserhead. Tom is now in New York doing film projects.

There's no such thing as the thought police - 2001

Experimental Short directed by Sebastien Del Castillo

Short film about a guy just trying to get by. Watch

Mathporn - 2001

Experimental Short directed by Travis Weller

The name says it all. Watch

Personal advertisements for lonely transport mediums - 2001

Experimental Short directed by Travis Weller

Another stop motion super-8 experiment. This soundtrack was spontaneously composed by the quartet after seeing the film. Watch.
In collaboration with Imbroglio String Quartet

References to Salvador Dali make me hot - 2001

Play directed by Jeff Griffin

In collaboration with Imbroglio String Quartet

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