Reinforce one another, conditions for contraction (short excerpt)

Reinforce one another, Conditions for contraction is a graphic score for six improvisers with six sound producing devices. The primary compositional focus for this piece is form and improvisational interaction. The six performers are given graphic instructions to create sound events at specific times (measured by chronometers). Each sound event has a degree of "density" (how the sounds embodying the event relate to silence) and "consistency" (how the sounds embodying the event relate to each other). Since no instructions for pitch, timbre, and loudness are given, the performers improvise between the boundaries of stability and space with the goal of spontaneous musical collaboration. This recording was made live October 16 2003 with Jacob Green, Josh Ronsen, Brent Fariss, Holland Hopson, Travis Weller, and Bill Thompson.


reinforce_one_another.mp3: 1,913 kb

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