Anchialine(short excerpt from mvmt 3)

(note: this recording is a stereo mixdown from the original 8 channel piece)

Anchialine takes its name from the scientific name for a rare natural formation: a land-locked body of water with an underground connection to the ocean. I was inspired to write the piece after visiting Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Each of the three movements stem from an experience I had with an aspect of the anchialine systems there. Cenotes are flooded underground caverns with beautiful, dimly lit structures of limestone. The halocline is an interface between the heavier salt water and the lighter fresh water which, when disrupted, causes light refractions. A shoal, is a swarm of fish or other aquatic creatures which move in a highly synchronized and polarized manner. This piece was commissioned by Nathaniel Bartlett in mid-2008.


anchialine.mp3: 1,249 kb

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